The Faculty of Specialists Training for Criminal Police

The Faculty of Specialists Training for Criminal Police is an inner structural unit of Dnepropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs which carries out bachelors’ training for National Police of Ukraine agencies in training program «Law» 081 on the basis of general secondary education. The main objectives of the faculty are: coordination of students’ academic, scientific social and educational work; laying the ground for the development of a future lawyer’s personal and professional qualities in terms of new content education elaboration and implementation; students’ academic achievement assessment and attendance check; management of self-instruction and consultation, sporting and cultural activities; arrangement of practical training and traineeship for applicants together with National Police practicing officers in the places of duty; keeping terms with bringing up forces for further employment of applicants, their vocational adjustment and efficiency; reports on academic and scientific work, interior economy, service discipline; experience evaluation and its extension.

The faculty was organized according to MIA order No. 551 dated June 4, 2016 with the aim of training highly skilled specialists having foundational general legal and specialized applicable knowledge for criminal investigation office. The peculiarity of the faculty is as follows: in addition to general disciplines which are taught within the faculty, there are some special ones which are learnt by the cadets and are appropriate for criminal police subdivisions only. There are the following disciplines: psychology of operational search activity, professional psychological training of criminal police officers, operational search documentation etc.

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