International Activity

International cooperation is one of the priority activity directions of Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs and is carried out in due order in terms of agreements in force signed with foreign HEIs. Taking into account the specificity of educational process, key attention is paid to foreign educational establishments connected with training specialists for law enforcement agencies aiming at mutual development of methods for solving problems with personnel and working with police officers, taking measures for prevention and detection of crime, protecting rights and freedoms of citizens and providing public order.

International Relations Department is a University structural subdivision, which coordinates international activity. The principle task of the Department is providing efficient operation of the University, directed to the extending international contacts and boosting its authority in the international educational space. For this reason the Department employees support cooperation with universities, research institutes, law enforcement agencies of foreign states and international non-government organizations to introduce the experience from abroad into the educational process of training police officers and lawyers, providing experience exchange in different spheres of law enforcement and legal activity.

Principle directions of the Department activity are as follows:

– organization and participation in the formation of main directions of international cooperation of the University taking into consideration the features of contemporary state policy in extending international relations;

– search and extending of international contacts necessary for the development of scientific, practical, educational-and-methodic activity of the University;

– organization and coordination of international cooperation of the University with educational establishments, scientific institutions and law enforcement agencies of foreign countries in areas of an educational establishment competency;

– coordination of engaged structural subdivisions of the University (their representatives) in terms of development mutual scientific researches with scientific and educational establishments of foreign countries and international organizations;

– executing informational-and-analytic work, summarizing and distributing positive international experience in the spheres of educational, scientific and research activity;

– preparing of agreement drafts, protocols and programs of bilateral and multilateral cooperation of the University with foreign educational establishments, institutions, funds, international and transnational bodies in the sphere of legal education and law enforcement activity and their coordination with the Legal Department;

– provision of respecting a certain order in compliance with the legislation of Ukraine in force at signing international agreements between the University and foreign partners;

– organization, holding and protocol recording of visits of international delegations, groups and separate representatives, coming on invitation of the University, top management or at the initiative of guests;- exchange of correspondence between the University and foreign educational establishments, scientific institutions, international and transnational organizations.

We invite international experts, who visit University, to give lecturers, in frames of their competences, to our students and cadets:

– Morten Enberg – Head of the Council of Europe office in Ukraine;

– Alexander Hug – First Deputy Head of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine;

– Gordana Buljan Flander – Director of the Child Protection Center of Zagreb;

– Claudia Lupea – Police and Security Forces Delegate of the International Committee of the Red Cross;

– Representatives of the police forces of United States of America (Greg Young – chaplain with the FBI, the chaplain for the Germantown, Police Departmen; Captain Karla Gabor – Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department; Lieutenant George King – veteran of the Brown Deer Police Department);

– Alexander Vinnikov – The Head of the NATO Representation to Ukraine.

The task of the Department is to organize visits and register required allowing documentation for business trips abroad of the University employees, participation in the preparation to international events held by the University, engaging foreign specialists to participate in scientific and practical conferences by the University, finding new partners to perform conjoint activity, which brings mutual benefits.

In terms of international cooperation the University has established bilateral relations with the educational institutions of the United States of America, the Republic of Poland, Romania, Lithuania, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Slovak Republic.

The University holds such international events as conferences, seminars, workshops and trainings with the participation of the representatives of foreign educational establishments, international organizations and embassies certified in Ukraine.

The international scientific and practical conference “International and National Security: Theoretic and Applied Aspects”, International Student Summit held in spring, which gathers applicants for higher legal education from Ukraine, Europe and America, as well as the events held by the University together with the OSCE, the European Union Advisory Mission Ukraine, Canadian Police Mission, CEPOL and ІСІТАР have already become traditional.

DSUIA is the member of the Association of the European Police Colleges and actively cooperates with all Association members. In June 2019, together with АЕРС the seminar on actions and rising awareness “Domestic Violence” was organized and held with the participation of the representatives of European countries, where the participants presented their experience in combatting domestic violence in their countries. As Peter Lamplot, Secretary General of the Association of the European Police Colleges (АЕРС), noticed, “The event has been organized at high professional level, which allowed the participants to cooperate fruitfully, exchange their knowledge in terms of understanding and comprehending the difficulties of domestic violence as well as develop new concepts for combatting domestic violence”.

All participants were glad to see and notice the substantial role of Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs in this significant area. Training of police officers in terms of reacting to domestic violence incidents, applying methodologies in compliance with international standards, impressed all of us. “We were amazed with the technical equipment of the University, which allows conducting numerous international or national events from trainings to conferences”, declared АЕРС experts.

In the frames of cooperation with the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ІСІТАР) of the Department of Justice of the USA, the University has partaken in the pilot project “Community Police Officer” for training police officers assigned to united territorial communities with the engagement of international experts and the University specialists. Nearly 100 community police officers have undergone training within this Project.

The University actively cooperates with the European Union Advisory Mission Ukraine (EUAM). EUAM experts have attended a number of international events held by the DSUIA and have taken active part in discussions on many issues, conducted trainings for police officers. Currently the special course for DSUIA cadets with the title “Actual Issues of Police Activity and Implementation of the Scandinavian Model for Public Order in Ukraine” is being developed conjointly, which will be performed in a distant format.

Employees of the University take part in programs for the exchange of European experience in training police officers together with European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL). Under the results of these visits some alterations have been introduced into the disciplines for training police officers taking into account positive experience of our foreign partners.

The University has won the competition from Bulgarian government and is currently taking part in the implementation of “Tactics of Using Firearms during the Modeling of Service-and-Combat Activity Situations Applying the Experience of Bulgaria to Maintain Security” project within the frames of the program “Bulgarian Development Fund” conjointly with Academy of the MIA of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Besides, the University conjointly with Vilnius Center of Psychological Health is currently participating in the implementation of “Advancing the Provision of Psychological Support Services to People Suffered from the Military Aggression at the East of Ukraine, Implementation of Distance Consultations and Mutual Assistance Approaches” project within the frames of “Cooperation Development and Democracy Promotion Program” from Lithuania government.

Opportunities to study abroad are available as well. Cooperation with Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuanina) allows students from our University studying in the frames of academic mobility program under specialty “Law” and Master program “International Business Law” with free studies and scholarship.

At Jana Kokhanovskoho University (Poland) our students study under the second specialty Master program ”Public Administration”.

Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs has established contacts and actively cooperates with:

– Association of European Police Colledges (АЕРС).

– Consultation Mission of the European Union to Ukraine;

– Representative of the OSCE in Ukraine;

– Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia;

– University of Economics in Bydgoszcz (Bydgoszcz, Poland);

– Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria (Sofia, the Republic of Bulgaria);

– Academy of Police Forces in Bratislava (Bratislava, the Slovak Republic);

– Academy of Law Enforcement Bodies at the General Procurator’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University (the Republic of Kazakhstan);

– Jan Kochanowski University (JKU) in Kielce (Republic of Poland);

– Lithuanian Police School (Kaunas, Lithuania);

– Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas, Lithuania);

-«Vasyl Lascar» Police Agenys School(Campina, Romania);

– Academy “Stefan cel Mare” of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova;

– Mogilev Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus ;

– University of the Southern Utah (Utah, the United States of America);

– Broward College (Florida, the United States of America);

– International Law Research Center (Salzburg, Austria).



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