Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs has taken part in the following projects:

Participation in a consortium for submitting an application in terms of “Development of Research Competency of the Ukrainian Universities Academic Staff in Terms of European Integration: RЕCasT” project, which has been highly evaluated, though has not won funding.

Bulgarian governmental program “Bulgarian Development Aid”. DSUIA project has won the competition. In the frames of “Tactics of Applying Firearms with Combat Situations Simulation Using Bulgarian Experience to Provide Security” project implementation an up-to-date training center in firearms shooting has been equipped with simulation equipment. Moreover, interactive multimedia laser shooting range to work over professional skills in shooting tactics under different conditions has been created.

International EU technical aid project “Operation Support in Providing Strategic Consultations as for Reforming Civil Security Sector of Ukraine (2019-2021)”.

International EU technical aid project “Support of Reforms in the Development of Law Supremacy in Ukraine PRAVO”.

Participation in exchange programs “CEPOL Exchange”. In 2020, DSUIA joined distance learning platform “LEEd”, which contained numerous CEPOL trainings on different topics and scientific-and-research sources as a documents database with an opportunity to search and filter information under the categories. The principle aim of launching the platform is enhancing educational quality and access to CEPOL training programs.

Participation in a consortium for submitting an application in terms of “Simulation Medicine and Scenario-Based Learning for Emergency Care/ SimS” project in the frames of Erasmus+ program to develop a unified course applying up-to-date educational methods, i.e. scenario-oriented education to train police officers. This would provide an opportunity to prepare practitioners in a simulation mode for them to identify potential dangers, determine situation levels and provide necessary pre-medical aid. DSUIA activity in the frames of the project included working over practical skills by police officers in providing aid under emergency situations as well as at shooting contact with full operational equipment with maximum simulation of real wounding.

As a partner of the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz the conjoint project “Student Entrepreneurship Summer School” has been submitted in terms of “РІТА – Regional Changes” program (the Republic of Poland).

Participation in UNOPS tender in the frames of the EU financial aid project “Support of Reforms in Law Supremacy in Ukraine in terms of police activity, prosecution and Due Administration” as for the development of a training course and educational materials regarding investigation process for members of investigation subdivisions of the State Investigation Bureau of Ukraine.

Participation of the academic staff of Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs as trainers in the international advance training program for Criminal Investigation Bodies of the Department of Justice of the USA (ІСІТАР) in terms of international technical aid program “Support and Provision of Stable Reforms in the National Police of Ukraine” in conducting specialization of district police officers assigned to unified territorial communities.

DSUIA conjointly with the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz has developed and submitted an application to participate in project competition by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine and Ukrainian-Polish Council in the frames of Ukrainian-Polish youth exchange. The project has been positively evaluated, but failed to be implemented due to the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of 22 July 2020 # 641 “On Quarantine Introduction and Imposition of Strict Measures Against the Pandemic at the Territories with High Spreading of COVID-19 Acute Respiratory Infection caused by SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus”.

Conjoint project of DSUIA, Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council and “WOMEN PLUS” social organization: “Gender Portrait of Dnipropetrovsk Region” is an analytical research that includes actual social-and-demographic statistics and peculiarities of such groups as women and men; it reflects demographic characteristics of the region including trustful indices in such spheres as politics and public administration, civil-and-political (community) life, employment of citizens and unemployment level, healthcare, education, social protection of the community, statistics in the number of women and men in АТО/JFO as well as law enforcement authorities. Besides, the results of international researches have been presented; gender experts have developed sum-ups, conclusions and recommendations, which substantially simplify the application of statistical data in legislation, law enforcement, strategic planning and administration, educational and scientific activity, etc.

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