The university has extensive experience in research and is recognized for the practical application of these studies. The priority areas of scientific activity are the analysis and solution of problems related to the observance of human rights:

• Anti-discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual identity, religious or political beliefs;

• Preventing domestic and gender-based violence and discrimination against disabled people;

• Problems of ensuring the legal status of internally displaced persons;

• Ensuring gender equality and combating discrimination.


One of the not less important topics of research in the field of law is the processes associated with social change, that have legal, socio-economic, technical and cultural nature:

• International cooperation in the field of juvenile prevention;

• The mechanism of legal protection of the rights of migrant workers;

• Information Security;

• Psychology of women’s success;

• The ontology of spirituality in European culture.


The university specializes in criminal law research, largely intertwined with international and European legislation, as well as with individual parts of public safety law:

• International conflicts: problems of institutionalization and solutions;

• Combating Human Trafficking;

• Modern problems of combating armed crime;

• The criminal law dimension of gender equality;

• Criminal law and criminological problems of preventing violence against women and children.

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