International Cooperation

International cooperation is one of priority directions of Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs activity and it is performed as per established order in frames of valid agreements signed with foreign higher educational institutions. Considering specifics of the educational process the main attention is paid to foreign educational establishments related to training of specialists for law enforcement bodies with a view to jointly develop methods for solving problems with staff and working with police personnel, holding of events aimed to prevention and detection of crimes, safeguarding of citizens’ rights and freedom and providing for the public order.

In frames of international cooperation the University established bilateral relations with educational institutions of the United States of America, Republic of Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Republic of Moldova, and Republic of Belorussia.

The main objectives of the Department are:

• participation of University representatives into international events;

• attraction of foreign specialists for participation into science and practical conferences conducted by the University;

• search for new partners in order to implement joint activity which is of mutual benefit.

International Cooperation

Department of International Relations is the structural unit of the University which coordinates international activity. The main task of the Department – providing of effective University performance, aimed for widening and deepening of international contacts, elevation of its respect in the world. The Department staff analyzes the state of international cooperation, supports the international collaboration with universities, research institutions, law enforcement bodies of foreign states, international non-governmental entities with the view to implement experience of foreign countries into police officers and lawyers educational process, providing them with scientific and methodological support of their future professional activity. The Department also prepares all the documents needed by the University staff for business trips abroad and makes the documentation related to visits of foreign delegations, arriving for participation into international events held by the University.

International Cooperation

Owing to the signed agreements on cooperation a lot of different joint events took place at the University that are of mutual scientific and practical interests – conferences, seminars, workshops and trainings with participation of non-permanent personnel, tutors and acting officers of national police. International Students Summit became a tradition that is usually held in spring and gather higher law education seekers from Ukraine, Europe and America.

International Cooperation

Possibilities of studying abroad are also spread out. Collaboration with Jan Kochanowski University (Poland) and Vitautas Magnus University (Lithuania) gives an access for students of our University to magistrate study programs of the second specialty and to education in bachelor programs in specialty “Law” in frames of European students’ mobility.

International Cooperation

The main spheres of the Department activity are:

– Organizing and participation into formation of the main international cooperation directions of the University taking into account peculiarities of up-to-date state policy in development of international relations;

– Search and widening of international contacts necessary to development of scientific, practical, educational and methodological activity of the University;

– Organizing and coordination of international cooperation of the University with educational establishments, scientific institutions, and law enforcement bodies of foreign countries in the fields related to competence of the educational institution;

– Coordinative provision of involved structural sections of the University (their representatives) into working out of joint scientific investigations with scientific and educational institutions of foreign countries and international organizations;

International Cooperation

– Conduction of informative and analytical works, generalization and spreading of positive international experience in the spheres of educational and scientific-research activity;

– Preparation of draft agreements, protocols and programs of bilateral and multilateral cooperation of the University with foreign educational institutions, establishments, foundations, international and interstate bodies in the field of law education and law enforcement activity and their coordination with Legal Support Department.

– Providing for keeping to certain order according to current Ukrainian legislation when signing by the University of international agreements with foreign partners;

International Cooperation

– Organizing, conduction and protocol provision of the visits of foreign delegations, groups and individual representatives which arrive at invitation of the University, higher level authorities or at the initiative of the guests;

– Providing for exchange of correspondence which runs between the University and foreign educational institutions, scientific establishments, international and interstate organizations.


Our partners -DSUIA

Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs has established contacts with:

– Southern Utah University (Utah, United States of America);

– Broward College (Florida, United States of America);

– “Vasil Lascar” Police Agents School (Campina, Romania);

– Academy “Stefan cel Mare” (the Republic of Moldova);

– The Jan Kochanowski University (JKU) in Kielce (Poland);

– European Union Consultation Mission in Ukraine;

– OSCE Delegation in Ukraine; Center for International Legal Studies (Salzburg, Austria).

– The Mogilev Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

– Lithuanian Police School (Kaunas, Lithuania).

– Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas, Lithuania)


Development of international cooperation is important for both the University and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, since it facilitates the European integration process.


Our contacts:


Head of International Relations Department
Чумаченко Тетяна Миколаївна
Tatyana Chumachenko

Tel. +38 0562 31 72 77

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English



Specialist of I category
Мірошник Андрій Дмитрович
Andrii Miroshnyk

Tel. +380 66 63 30 570

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English




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