Baltic Summer University


Baltic Summer University (BSU) covers a wide scope of areas and allows students to choose a programme that would meet their interests and needs: improve professional skills, learn new languages, discover new cultures or meet new people.

While BSU is worth visiting for the programmes alone, there is much more to it: joint social and cultural activities, introduction to national cuisine and traditions, creative workshops and trips to some must-see sites.


You can choose between 8 courses:

1. Variety of animals and plants in national parks, natural reserves and zoological museums

2. Atomic tourism: a case study of place identity

3. Creative media lab

4. Personal branding: forming & managing your image

5. Methods in molecular genetics

6. Lithuanian language and culture summer course 2019

7. «Smart Practice Lab»: summer internship programme (SIP)

8. Classical singing, jazz singing, accordion, piano, strings



There are two steps in the registration procedure. The first step involves submitting the application form and the second stage involves paying the fee for the chosen course.

After fulfilling registration form, in a period of 2-3 working days you will receive a confirmation email with detailed information for the following application steps. Finally, you will be asked to provide a copy of payment receipt.



• February 1st – March 31st for Summer Internship programme

• February 1st – June 1st all other courses


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